Education Outreach Programme

The Education Outreach Programme (EOP) is aimed at establishing a living memorial to the Fallen in the minds and hearts of young Canadians across the country. The EOP partners with the “Lest We Forget Project” to connect Legions with local boards of Education, to consider researching a local or family-related member of the Fallen as part of their educational program.

The EOP and the “Lest We Forget Project” create a primary reference database of the Fallen related to a local cenotaph or memorial, so that students may more easily conduct the research. In preparation for this learning opportunity the “Lest We Forget Project” prepare the local teachers and educators on how to best utilize and integrate the database into their curriculum and learning outcomes. The research is framed around Dr. Peter Seixas & Tom Morton’s “The Bix Six: Historical Thinking Concepts” so that the students have a focused perspective for analysis.

As a result of their research, students develop a final product that best reflects their member of the Fallen and is related to their course of study. Such products are limited to the imaginations of the students and their teachers. The final product could be a poem, an essay, a drawing, a painting, a song, a photo montage, a draftsperson’s drawing, an assessment of the science behind the Fallen’s military occupation, or a cultural assessment of how the Fallen might have fit-in with their military cohort at the time and the challenges that they might have faced or endured.

With the permission of the educators and the students NWORA selects exemplars of their work as cited and valuable contributions to our digital wall of remembrance on

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