Canada/Cyprus (2022)

Cyprus Memorials 2024

Cyprus 2024 commemorates Canada’s contribution to the UN Force in Cyprus on the 60th anniversary of the mission, and the 50th anniversary of a forgotten war. For most Canadians, Cyprus was just a peacekeeping mission, unaware that their troops were caught in the middle of a war between two NATO allies. A pilgrimage of veterans and their families will return to Cyprus in Nov 2024, and the many untold stories of OP SNOWGOOSE and the events of 1974 will be collected. We shall remember the 28 Canadians who died in Cyprus and the sacrifice of all who served there. Remembrance services will be held in Cyprus and memorial plaques dedicated at Wolseley Barracks in Cyprus, Garrison Petawawa, and Perron-Berger Park, the Village at Griesbach.


Perron-Berger Park, the Village at Griesbach – Dedicated 4 June 2023
Garrison Petawawa – Dedicated 5 May 2024
Wolseley Barracks, Cyprus – Dedication scheduled for Fall 2024

Perron-Berger Park, the Village at Griesbach

The Griesbach memorial was made possible by Canada Lands for funding the cairn and repair of the monuments, the City of Edmonton and Village of Griesbach for upkeep of the park, the National Wall of Remembrance Association for funding of the plaque, Behrends Group for the design of the plaque (and refurbishment of the Perron-Berger plaque that had been stolen and recovered), and the Airborne Social Club for standing vigil all these years.  Special thanks to Captain (Ret’d) Bill Dickson for his leadership in making all this happen.

Garrison Petawawa

With thanks to 2 CMBG HQ & Signal Squadron and 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, this Cyprus dedication was combined with the annual Fallen Jumper Ceremony which honours the seven soldiers who died in 1968. It was a very meaningful day of Remembrance!

The plaque and stone were funded by the National Wall of Remembrance Association and designed by Campbell Monument.  Special thanks to CWO (Ret’d) Ian Husk for his leadership in preparing the ceremony site, and to Museum Curator Ainsley Christensen and Collection Manager Seana Jones for mounting the Cyprus 2024 exhibit.

Padre Lt (N) Wendy Guguid, Pipe-Major Adam Tingskou, CWO (Ret’d) Mel Douglas, CWO (Retd) Frank Grattan, MGen (Ret’d) Walter Holmes, Maj (Retd) JP Hill, and Col (Ret’d) Jim Holsworth, contributed to this moving tribute to the sacrifice of peacekeepers and those who died 50 years ago.

Wolseley Barracks, Cyprus – Update coming Fall 2024

Media / Documentation

Cyprus 2024 Memorial Ceremony_4 June 2023_The Village at Griesbach

Cyprus 2024 Memorial Ceremony 5 May 2024 Garrison Petawawa Museum

Cyprus 2024 Memorial Ceremony – Order of Service – 5 May 2024 Garrison Petawawa Museum

“Cyprus Memorial – Petawawa” (Canadian Airborne Forces Association (CAFA)/Association des Forces Aéroportées du Canada (AFAC))
The 1974 war in Cyprus was a turning point in the Mediterranean conflict and for Canada’s long-standing commitment to United Nations operations. Traditional peacekeeping shifted to the new reality of peacemaking… [read more]

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