A Message from the Chairman

GaryCoulterMore than 120,000 Canadian men and women serving in the Canadian and Allied armed forces have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that future generations of Canadians live in a free and democratic country. These courageous individuals are buried in cemeteries in Canada, Europe, Russia, South Africa, North Africa, India, Burma, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. Many have no marked grave, and many were lost at sea.

Our mission is to provide one place of Remembrance, both physical and virtual, as an enduring tribute to these brave souls.

Together, with your support, we will erect a permanent monument to the Fallen in the city of Kingston, Ontario, birthplace of much of Canada’s military history. The virtual component is already alive at www.canadianfallen.ca. We encourage you to visit the site and search for relatives, submit photos and documents relevant to a profile or read in Remembrance Magazine about major conflicts Canadians have been engaged in.

Our secondary objective, after the monument is erected, will be to ensure the long-term sustainability of both the monument and the virtual space. As an Association aligned with the Canadian Armed Forces, we will also be supporting organizations whose mission is to assist veterans and their families.

Together we can get this done.


Gary Coulter
RCMP/CSIS Inspector (ret’d)

Executive Board

Executive Board / Conseil exécutif

Chairman: RCMP Inspector (ret’d) Gary Coulter

Vice-Chairman: Colonel (ret’d) Bruce Ewing – OMM, MA

Secretary/Treasurer: Lieutenant-Colonel (ret’d) Louis Cyr – CID, CD

Board of Directors / Conseil d’administration

CSIS Director General (ret’d) Larry Brooks

Lieutenant-Colonel (ret’d) William Cummings – MDS, MA

Cassandra de Bartok – BA, MA

Major (ret’d) William Graydon – MA, CD

Captain (ret’d) Debra St-Gelais – CD

Joel Watson – HBA, LLB


Patrons / Mécènes

The Honourable Peter Milliken, Speaker of the House of Commons (ret’d) – O.C., P.C.

Honorary Colonel (ret’d) A Britton Smith, Chairman, Homestead Land Holdings  ̶  M.C. Q.C.

Friends of NWORA / Amis de l’AMCN

Colonel (ret’d) Michael Barr  ̶  OMM, CD

Lieutenant-Colonel (ret’d) Robert Chamberlain  ̶  CD

Major (ret’d) Bernard Dionne – MA Comms, CD

Major-General (ret’d) Walter Holmes  ̶  MSM, MBE

Allan Jones, Founding Chairman NWORA 2010-2018

Colonel (ret’d) George Oehring  ̶  CD

Lieutenant (ret’d) Philip Osanic  ̶  JD, LLM

Brigadier-General (ret’d) William J. Patterson – OMM, CD

Colonel (ret’d) John Roderick  ̶  CD

Cathy Sharpe, Vice president/Operations, iMedia Northside