Sicily, Italy (2023)

Operation Husky 2023 Commemorations

The mission of Operation Husky 2023 was to honour those who died on all sides during the Sicilian Campaign and to bring attention to the shared history of Canadians and Italians by engaging Canadian and Italian students in the study of the making of peace. 2023 marked the 80th anniversary of Operation Husky, the allied invasion of Sicily in World War II (WWII).

In July 2023, a small group of Canadian volunteers conducted a 325-km, 20-day march, from the beaches of Pachino to Adrano, and followed in the footsteps of the 25,000 Canadian soldiers who fought in Sicily during World War II. The march included battlefield history briefings and commemorative activities in 22 towns. Using the trail dedicated to this commemoration, the “Walk for Remembrance & Peace”, marchers followed a fully mapped and signed walking trail that followed the path taken by the 1st Canadian Infantry Division in the summer of 1943. Marchers, accompanied by Sicilian civilians and veterans planted more than 600 markers. Each marker honours one of the fallen near where they died and identifies the soldier, their rank and regiment (plaques are written in Italian). Daily ceremonies were held in each of the towns.

Thanks to contributions from the NWORA Community Memorials Programme, grave markers for thirty three (33) fallen Canadian soldiers were funded and placed by a member of the NWORA Board of Directors during this year’s 2023 commemorative event.


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