NWORA Community Memorials Programme

As the exact location and shape of the physical Wall of Remembrance is being finalized with the City of Kingston with the aim of being completed within the next year or so, the NWORA Board of Directors has decided that a good portion of surplus funds to the initial construction as well as additional funds collected in the future will be applied to a secondary objective which complements our primary objective of commemorating our fallen heroes with both the physical memorial in Kingston and the virtual wall on line at www.canadianfallen.ca

As such, we have decided to provide financial support to assist communities to either repair/refurbish their local community memorials or build them if they do not already exist, somewhat similar to the programme that Veterans Affairs Canada already has in effect and which, in eligible projects, may be used in combination.

The procedures for applying for financial support and the specifics of the funding amounts which might be made available to any community requesting funds as part of the Community Memorial Programme with NWORA are as outlined below:
  • Applications are accepted twice annually (due by 1 April or 1 October) and must be received by Bruce Ewing at ewing123456789@sympatico.ca
  • An Application template is attached. Please complete as directed and submit.  ( English ) | ( Français )
  • Supported projects will be confirmed by letter from NWORA and will outline how much funding NWORA will provide to the applicable community programme organizers upon completion of the project.

Note 1: As NWORA has Canada Revenue Service (CRA) recognized Charity Status, we can only provide funding for this Community Memorial Program (CMP) to organizations which also have similar Charity Status (Not-For-Profit status is not sufficient!). However, if your organization does not have Charity Status, you can still apply for funding from NWORA but it must be requested / staffed through another organization with Charity Status such as your local municipality. While this might mean a bit more coordination, it legally allows NWORA to provide funding for your project if we accept your proposal.

Note 2: The agreed to funding will be provided from NWORA via cheque only upon the final completion of the project by the applicable community and subsequent to receipt of a copy of the appropriate invoices confirming completion of the applicable community project.

Note 3: NWORA will only work with the applicable community memorial programme organizers who initiate any application (the organization that provides the Charity Status Number) not any third parties, and will issue final funding to same community organizers.

Note 4: These funds are specifically set aside to fund “memorials to the Fallen” such as a cenotaph or cairn. They are not designed to help refurbish pieces of military equipment that are on display just because they are historical items in need of repair unless they are clearly identified with a permanent plaque already as being specific memorials “to the Fallen” for that community, or Legion, or other such organization.”

Any queries should be addressed to Bruce Ewing at ewing123456789@sympatico.ca

Completed Projects

Completed Projects


Awaiting Completion

(2020) 1st Canadian Div – Kingston, ON
(2021) RCL Br 100 – Winnipeg, MB
(2021) RCL Br 52 – St Leonard, NB

(2022) Pennfield Ridge Air Station 1941-1945 – NB

(2022) Cyprus 2024 Memorials
Three plaques will be dedicated to “Canada’s fallen in Cyprus ‘1964 – 2024’ on the 60th anniversary of the UNFICYP Peacekeeping mission and 50th anniversary of the 1974 war”
(1) CFB Petawawa, ON – Airborne Forces Museum; (2) Edmonton, AB – Airborne Memorial in the village at Griesbach; (3) Dhekelia, Cyprus