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Special Announcement

The National Wall of Remembrance Association is pleased to announce that, on 9 July 2019, Kingston City Council voted unanimously in favour of the motion to enable the construction of the National Wall of Remembrance monument in a suitable location in downtown Kingston.


Please be aware there is a group misrepresenting our Association and this project. They are contacting our advertisers and thanking them for their previous support of the WOR or Wall of Remembrance and advising that our focus is shifting this year to support Courageous Companions. This is NOT truthful nor is the statement they make that you have supported them in the past.

The National Wall of Remembrance Association has no affiliation with Courageous Companions, RJC Sales or Acclaim Marketing whatsoever.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please email us at:

or call toll free at:

We value our advertisers and it is through your support that our success continues. Please visit our virtual component as it progresses at www.canadianfallen.ca

Canada's Oldest Veterans' Association endorses the NWOR

Call for Submissions to www.canadianfallen.ca

The Canadian Fallen website is the virtual component of the National Wall of Remembrance. It is a work in progress, and currently contains the names of over 118, 000 soldiers killed in the line of duty throughout the history of Canada at war and peace.

The Canadian Fallen is currently seeking public submissions for the soldiers by way of photos, documents, and stories.

Please take the time to visit The Canadian Fallen website at www.canadianfallen.ca

Thank you!


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Be a part of the National Wall of Remembrance Project through Corporate Sponsorship. There are many levels of sponsorship and naming opportunities available. We would be pleased to discuss these with you.

About WOR

Remembering Those Who Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice for Our Freedoms

Although most of our dead are buried abroad, this project will bring our fallen home. This is not a war memorial – it will not take the place of local cenotaphs or memorials that already exist.

Executive / Advisory Boards

Working Together for a Common Goal

The Association has formed an advisory board to ensure our success. They come from various areas of expertise and will work with an organization that has a proven track record in raising funds for successful National Memorials.